Steel retaining walls in today’s modern landscape design.

Steel work in landscape design has become increasingly popular in recent years. When properly designed and installed, a steel retaining wall can be an ideal structure to level out a yard or tier garden features. With some creativity and skill the possibilities are endless it seems. As a landscape design and build contractor, using steel plate for steel retaining walls opens up countless options in the design process.

The increase in popularity has a lot to do with the evolving hues of the steel retaining walls as the landscape ages and matures. As the steel reacts to nature you’re awarded with deep grey, oranges and blues.

Steel Retaining Walls are on the higher end of materials to be used for walls. We help manage this cost by keeping the labor in house. Over the past 7 years we’ve honed in on best design and practices to manage steel retaining wall projects as efficiently as possible. – COL&D