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As wonderful as a patio can be, the intensity of the sun can sometimes complicate your day. When designed and installed properly, pergolas can make your outdoor space more comfortable. Pergolas are steel or wooden architectural structures that are usually square or rectangular in shape with large supports and an open patterned roof. These can be installed on your patio, over seating areas, or wherever else you see fit. Pergolas are also effective in helping climbing plants grow.

If you’re looking to design and install a pergola, the experts at Crafted Outdoor Living & Design can help. We are a landscape design & installation company located in the wonderful city of Austin, TX, and we’re ready to help you with any outdoor space design and installation.

Benefits of a Pergola Installation in Austin

There are several benefits of installing a pergola on your lawn. The main reason many of our clients install a pergola is to help combat the elements. It can get quite hot in Austin, and pergolas protect you from the shade so you can still enjoy the outdoors without overheating. Also, the sun’s rays can fade the color of your furniture, but with the extra protection, your furniture will stand out much longer.

Some clients eventually want to sell their homes, and adding a pergola increases the home’s value. No matter what your reason is for wanting to install a pergola, our team is ready to build the perfect one to match your needs.

The Types of Pergolas

Many people call any outdoor structure a pergola, but there are several types with different characteristics. The types of pergolas we can install include:

  • Arbor – This is considered the simplest pergola type to construct. Arbors are built with arched roofs that are used as entrances or gateways. When a client wants to separate their yard into different sections, arbors are the most common pergola design installed.
  • Gazebo – You can add an entire outdoor room using a gazebo. We usually install these near the outer edge of backyards, and these can be round or polygon shaped. Gazebos are highly customizable, and you can have benches installed if you wish. Gazebos require a permit to own, and they’re known for being expensive to design and install.
  • Trellises – Trellises are garden structures that are installed on arbors, gazebos, or other pergolas. The trellises’ framework allows plants to grow without any obstructions, but these don’t provide much shade or shelter on their own.

Many Custom Options

No pergola is the same, as you can customize yours however you wish. We can help you paint the pergola any color you desire, and you can grow whatever plants you feel compliments the aesthetic. If you intend to create an outdoor space for grilling and family gatherings, your pergola should match your patio, and we’ll help you with this. You should feel proud to own your pergola, and we’ll be ready to it design it to meet your expectations.

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When we start a project with a client, our work is not finished until they are satisfied with the results. At Crafted Outdoor Living & Design, we believe residents of Austin create their strongest memories in outdoor spaces, and we want to contribute to these. When you contact us, a team of seasoned professionals will design and build a pergola that meets your standards. If you’re unsure where to start or what you want, we’ll walk you through the process so you can make the best decisions.

As a full-service Austin landscape design and installation company, we’ll create a pergola that enhances your life and provides extra function. If you’re looking to install a pergola for your yard, contact us today.

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