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We’ve met several clients who have had us install structures for their backyards, and many use theirs as secondary seating. For example, if we install a retaining wall for a client, they may use it as built-in outdoor seating, adding to the functionality of the structure.

At Crafted Outdoor Living & Design, we believe outdoor structures enrich peoples’ lives and allow everyone involved to create memories that last far into the future. We are an Austin, TX, landscape design & installation company focused on providing the best outdoor structures and seating possible. If you frequently invite the family over for a gathering and want to spend your time outside, our team can help you install built-in outdoor seating.

Benefits of Built-in Outdoor Seating

When you’re having your landscape redesigned, we recommend you install as much outdoor seating as possible. Built-in outdoor seating is not only efficient when you have company over, but it can increase the overall value of your home should you sell it in the future. If you choose to install a wall, adding seating is not only easy but convenient. Outdoor seating also maximizes your space; if you need extra seating for a barbeque, your benches near your walls can provide that space.

Several structures, such as retaining walls and planting areas, can double as seating, and our team can help you make the seating as comfortable and natural as possible so everyone can enjoy it.

High Customization

Outdoor seating can be designed with any colors or materials you choose. Built-in outdoor seating isn’t restricted to size or shape, as seating can be customized to closely match your yard’s shape and design. Adding cushions is inexpensive and allows you to sit more comfortably on harder surfaces.

If you enjoy reading outside, you can improve your outdoor seating by adding bookshelves and related décor. You can also get creative by adding lighting and colorful furniture that results in a reading nook perfect for you.

Types of Seating

Outdoor seating comes in many different forms, ranging from simple, convenient options to more elaborate options. We can help install any of the following seating options:

  • Seat wall – The most common type of outdoor seating, a seat wall acts as a bench. When installing this type, we aim to ensure the material used is comfortable and reliable for our clients, and we also help our clients choose cushions that increase comfort and match their yard’s aesthetic.
  • Bolt-On Seating – Bolt-on seating is the next best option if a wall is too high for a seat wall. While more commonly seen in parks, bolt-on seating is easier to replace and repair. These are usually bolted into concrete or stone walls, especially if they contain irregular tiling.
  • Inset Seating – Inset seating is incredibly versatile. In this method, part of a wall is recessed back to create a place to sit. If you have the space to do this and need more seating to accommodate your guests, inset seating will be your preferred option.
  • Natural Stones – If you have large stones or slabs in your yard that fit your landscape, these can be used as natural seating options. If you believe you have a boulder or stone that qualifies for this, we can help you determine how to best use it for seating.

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Built-in outdoor seating allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors while spending time with friends and family. The process of designing and installing seating can be costly and challenging, but our team of experts is ready to provide seating that best fits your budget and expectations.

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