Austin Retaining Wall Design & Installation

If your property is experiencing soil erosion and sinkholes, installing a retaining wall may be your best option. A professional landscape design and installation company based in Austin can help prevent further issues with your property by designing and installing a custom retaining wall. Crafted Outdoor Living & Design can help you choose from several unique designs and materials and create a retaining wall that will protect your landscape.

The right retaining wall can prevent a higher slope of the ground from collapsing into a lower level, protecting your yard from drainage and erosion. If you’re growing a garden full of colorful plants, a retaining wall can protect them from any damage. Retaining walls are not only effective in preventing damage but they can be designed in a specific way that aesthetically matches your yard and home.

Retaining Wall Installation Types

There are several materials you can choose from when installing a retaining wall, including concrete, wood, metal, and limestone. The type of material you need will depend on your wall’s intent and your personal taste. For those who are focused on aesthetics, limestone will work nicely, whereas people who value durability and affordability may go with concrete. While wood is an effective option, you do risk termite infestations. Therefore, working with a qualified landscaping company is recommended, as experts can inform you of the different options available. Feel free to ask us questions about the different types of walls if you’re unsure what to select.

Curb Aesthetics

If your lawn is looking a bit plain, a retaining wall can breathe new life into your lawn. A retaining wall not only looks good but protects your lawn from various issues, allowing your lawn to be more easily maintained. This also allows you to enhance your lawn’s flower selection, brightening your lawn and helping your home stand out to your neighbors.


Retaining walls can divide your yard into more specific areas. For example, you can separate the cooking area from the garden with a wall. If your kids play in the backyard, they can have their own designated play area blocked off by the wall. No matter how to separate your yard, having retaining walls blocking off each designated area will make your yard seem larger.

If you’re looking to create outdoor seating, you can use a retaining wall that serves both purposes. Doubling a wall and outdoor seating saves you money and allows the seating to blend in with the rest of the yard.

A Solution for Slopes

Austin is fairly hilly, meaning landscaping can be a challenging process. If your house sits on a slope, water tends to collect in the lowest parts of your yard rather than your front lawn, for instance. If your home sits at the bottom of a slope, water and erosion can damage your home. By using retaining walls, you can keep the water where you want it if you’re gardening, and you can prevent damage to your home.

Why You Should Hire Us

At Crafted Outdoor Living & Design, we are committed to providing you with high-quality landscaping services. We know how many memories can be made in outdoor spaces, and we want to provide the best services possible to make these memories happen. Retaining walls are an effective tool in preventing damage to your lawn and home, and our company has the tools and knowledge needed to design and install the walls to your standards. Our job isn’t finished until you’re satisfied with the results.

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